One of the oldest and the most prestigious school of India has been restored to its glorious past of military lifestyle and “look” in their school uniforms, with its ruff and tuff Khaki uniforms resonating the ethos of the School.

The weathered and dust-coloured school uniform jacket retains its authentic military name ” THE BATTLERS “. The students wear their classic yet trendy khaki school uniforms with a lot of élan and style, in sync with the ethos and the history of their school.


Khaki – “dust-coloured cloth,” 1857, from Urdu khaki, literally “dusty,” from khak”dust,” from Persian.

Khaki was first introduced in uniforms of British cavalry in India (the Guide Corps, 1846); widely adopted for camouflage purposes in the Boer Wars (1899-1902). Khaki the color has been associated with the Indian Uniform color and has retained its name even in the international fashion brands.