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We would like to thank you for taking out the time to visit us. School Uniforms are not only integral to effective brand building of school. But it also to enhance the confidence and thereby the performance of the student.

We at Reinvent design studio will assist you in achieving your vision, with an assurance of a well-researched product over 50 years.


The last few decades have seen a huge compromise in school uniforms quality, design & fits and this is mainly due to broken links in the supply chain. Reinvent has solved this by achieving a 100% vertically integrated module.

The Parent Company SHREYANS ENTERPRISES established in the 1970s has branched out into ABHISHREY WEAVES and COTSHREY TREXIM with (re)invent being one of brands under its umbrella. It is a 50 years old establishment making fine fabrics for the apparel exports industry and the Indian markets.

The fabrics developed by us ultimately reach customers of global brands like GAP, RALPH, DIESEL, CK, J.CREW, ESPRIT, REENE DEHRY and top Indian brands like LEVIS, BENETTON, COLOR PLUS, WILLS LIFESTYLE, NUMERO UNO….etc to name a few. We are also the main supplier of fabric for many BOXER SHORTS brands in India.

The Design Director

Abhita Babel, a Design graduate from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) New York, has extensive work experience in the fashion space, having worked and designed for Tommy Hilfiger, NY and various other Label studios in the Indian Export Industry. She has successfully reinvented the otherwise dull and boring uniforms into vibrant, colorful and trendy pieces which the kids love to wear.

It has thereby enhanced their self-image, boosted their self confidence and increased their happiness quotient !



Conceptualization and translation of your vision into thumb sketches and digitals consequently.

Finalization of fabric based on
climatic/social/economic orientation.


Selected digitals to be sampled out for further review.

Final live trials on students at the institute premises for a closure involving all stake holders.


Finalization of Timelines, Price points & Distribution modules.

The Founder

“ The uniform business, apart from Design, is fabric centric and this is one of the biggest strengths @Reinvent . With the ever-evolving technology in spinning, weaving & processing, I keep Reinvent constantly updated “

Shreyans Babel

Founder, Reinvent Uniforms

Alumni of PCT&S (Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science) USA



Thousands of school uniforms woven into stories in a display to help match your vision

Selection of colour & weaves from our collection of 20000+ fabric libraries built on 5 decades of awarded textiles.

Understanding of the various qualities on offer & selection as per the climatical/economical/
social orientation.

Design and Price, tailor made to suit your requirements.





Automized Italian weaving machines churning out 1.2 million metres.

Automized sewing machines producing 1 million units.

Vertical storage with a capacity of 1 million units.

Eureka, Eureka, Eureka !!!!! A super easy Measure Tool to help find your uniform size, sitting comfortably at home.

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