The monotonic palette is accentuated in various textures and weaves which offers a wide range of options, allowing students to express themselves while maintaining a polished appearance.

To make a bold statement “Go graphic with monochromatic theme”
Comes In many shades of Melanges and hues of grey thus becoming distinct and pronounced, making for an excellent play of light and shadow. Further to pair them with multiple leaves, textures Creates a depth and versatile collection.

IT’S all in the Details

A low waist one-piece school dress for the young girls. The specially woven tonal check fabric teamed with 4 other complimentary good quality fabrics create depth and visual interest in the outfit.

The tonal colorway is the theme of the collection and play of light and shadow is the inspiration behind this story.

A better alternative to the usual overdose of Blazers.
This jacket is not only functional but
looks chic and formal at the same time.

Ready to Reinvent your
School Brand?